Your students are already learning informally on their phones, daily. Make that informal learning habit a part of your education process and help them engage more with school.


There’s a way to help every client, and their employees continue to learn and develop. Find out how Further turns the informal learning process into your most powerful tool.


Safety comes first. Discover how you can turn safety training into a continuous and gradually updating learning process, with little expanse.

Food and beverage

Make health and safety training everlasting. Find out how Further trains your food handlers continuously, right from their smartphones.

Software and tech

Software and tech keeps updating, so don’t settle with a one-off training that will be outdated within weeks. Find out how you can create a continuous and updating learning process with the Further app.


You don’t have to compromise safety for training. Find out how you can keep your healthcare professionals up to date on important information, without the risk of face-to-face contact.


We know how hard it is to find enough time with how fast retail moves. Find out how to make use of the smartphone habits your employees have to create time for continuous learning